The business scope covers aerospace, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, household appliances and electronic products, etc.
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Shenzhen One One Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., originally a holding subsidiary of Hanzhong One One Avionics Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Aviation Industry Corporation, is now restructured into a joint-stock company.The company has a total construction area of 12,000 square meters and currently has more than 200 employees, among which 65% of the total number of employees with a college degree or above, 26 marketing personnel, 35 R&D personnel, including: 2 doctors in materials science, 4 masters in chemical engineering, There are 13 bachelor degree professionals in electronics, 16 tooling and mould technicians, 20 quality management personnel, more than 100 production workers, and annual sales of 50 million yuan.
  • R&D
    Development and production of silicone rubber products, aircraft non-metallic materials and tooling products
  • Materials
    We have our own material testing laboratory with professional rubber chemical engineers
  • Mould
    More than 10 national patents in the field of dual-use technology
  • Production capacity
    The company has complete scientific research, production, measurement and testing conditions
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The company will take the concept of serving the country by aviation and the national military-civilian integration strategy as a development opportunity to build a superior brand in the aviation accessory product industry; and strive to become a leader in the global automotive rubber accessory industry.

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